Team care and Event cover

Our team of specialised doctors, physiotherapist, sports therapists and paramedics will look after your athletes and staff so that you can rest easy and focus on your job of chasing excellence.

Here are some areas we will offer you advice on-

  • Matchday and training medical provision

  • Pre-camp planning and medical checks

  • Preventing illness and injuries

  • Daily medical clinics, nutrition and hydration

  • Recovery: various methods used to cover a range of aspects

  • Sleep hygiene

  • Wellness- we offer daily wellness check and offer a variety of methods to help the athletes achieve peak mental state. Methods commonly used are mindfulness, yoga and laughter yoga.

  • Anti-doping advise

  • Constant communication with athletes and staff for optimal collaboration



We offer the following tiers of services, individually or in any combination

Tier 1 - Sports Therapist

Tier 2 - Physio Therapist +/- Tier 1

Tier 3 - Sports Doctor +/- Tier 1 or 2

Tier 4 - Paramedic +/- Tier 1 or 2 or 3

Backroom Medics

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